Born and raised in Quito, Ecuador.


I am a lover of music and the written word, and almost every single day I regret not starting a blog when I was 15 years old. I have a very bad memory, so its hard for me to remember all the delicious things I've eaten (so important!) and all the wonderful places I've been. I keep journals to keep track of life but in this day and age it seems like the easiest way to document life is through a blog. I think it will become quite evident: i love my husband and my family deeply, they are the best part of my life. And so now it begins, a scrapbook of sorts to look back on!  


I daydream about design and have a serious need to make everything around me look pretty. I'm an Interior Designer, currently getting my master's degree in Furniture Design in Florence, Italy. I take more photos than I can keep track of and love sharing my experiences with my family, who are exactly 6,210 miles away from me at this very moment. This blog seemed like the obvious solution! I am so thankful for the people God has placed in my life; my parents, my sisters, my boyfriend. There's not much else I need. Well, that and a box of chocolates.